Bio Shetland is a GOTS certified, rustique wool in "Shetland Type" for all those who love to knit with many colors in a nicely, woolly yarn. Why is this yarn called "Shetland Type"? Our Bio Shetland is not from the Shetland Islands. Until today, there are no GOTS certified farms on Shetland.
But our Bio Shetland looks exactly like real Shetland Wool and with more than 70 colors it is as suitable for your Fair Isle project as the original.
The raw wool for Bio Shetland comes from mulesing-free farms in South America and is spun and dyed in Turkey.
We have dared to wash a garment made from Bio Shetland in the washing machine and it turned out really nicely. But please test wash your swatch before you try it with your knitted garment, to check if your machine works properly in delicate mode.

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